Gravity Fit Exercises for Everyone

Developed by Dr Caroline Richardson, the GravityFit Exercise Model (GFEM) has been designed to explain and guide the process of improving Gravity Fitness by restoring muscle balance and joint stability to the body.

The GFEM focuses on gradually strengthening your Antigravity muscles through three Antigravity Kinetic Chains, interconnected through the Stable Core.

The GFEM provides a process to give you stable joints and well-supported bones ensuring a strong frame that properly supports your body, preventing injury and instability. It aims to make you feel strong, pain free and confident in your body’s ability to deal with the force of Gravity.

By combining Gravity Fitness (applying the GravityFit Exercise Model) with your regular Cardiovascular training you can achieve total body fitness. Total Body Fitness = Cardio Fitness + Gravity Fitness.

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