Post Operative exercise specific rehabilitation and classes are available by partnership with the Local Gym

Conditions that would be suitable for this program include:

  • chronic low back pain
  • posture correction
  • total knee replacement
  • post meniscal repair
  • post fractured neck of femur
  • total hip replacement

The partnership between the physiotherapy Clinic and the Local Gym is to offer a physiotherapy-guided exercise program that is monitored and adjusted over time in a community gym environment.

All programs require an initial assessment of needs at the physiotherapy Clinic and then arrangements made for an exercise prescritpion to be performed at the Gym.

Before starting at the Gym, the physiotherapist will meet you with the gym trainer and ensure your comfort and saftey for all prescribed exerices.

An evaluation of progress will occur regularly throughout your program.

Assessments at the clinic and gym will be charged as a normal physiotherapy consultation.

Exercise at the gym will be charged on a weekly basis ($25/week) for the duration of your program.

Please Contact Us for more details.