Cervical Spine: Practical Manual Therapy and Useful Treatment Tools: One Day Course

Dr Joanne Bullock-Saxton, PhD., M.App.Phty St (Manips)., B.Phty(Hons), MMPA, APA.

December 17th 2016

Location: Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, Level 3, 293 Vulture Street, South Brisbane.


February 25th 2017

Location: Flex Out Physiotherapy, Suite 2, Level 2, 470 Wodonga Place, Albury NSW 2640 

Numbers: Workshop numbers limited to maximum of 12  participants  to ensure optimal tutor/participant feedback.

Time:  0830 – 1630.

Cost: $340 +GST

Description of the workshop:

This workshop is heavily biased towards refinement of the clinicians practical skills.  Numbers are strictly limited to ensure sufficient feedback to enable an immediate transfer to your own clinical practice.  Joanne aims to ensure you are confident about your palpation and treatment technique options for cervical spine conditions.  She will teach a number of her favoured and successful treatment approaches for such conditions as cervico genic headache, whiplash associated disorders, cervical stiffness as well as post surgery protocols and management.


About Joanne: 



Joanne is best described as a Clinical Academic.  She has held many academic roles in a variety of Queensland Universities over her 30 year physiotherapy career, while maintaining a private physiotherapy practice.  Currently she is full time as one of the Senior team at the Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Clinic.  Her role at Active Rehab is to mentor younger OPD team members, manage her own “in” and “out” patient load and facilitate research collaboration between the team, Universities and Medical Colleagues in hospital and private practice.  Joanne has offered many continuing education workshops in Australia, the UK, Canada and USA.  She is an extremely pragmatic educator with a broad knowledge base, and the capacity to deliver succinct comprehensible workshops.  Her aim is to deliver material that clarifies issues of musculoskeletal diagnosis, clinical reasoning and treatment.  Her focus is on giving colleagues new skills (or to refine old ones), to achieve improved results for their patients.  This is a highly interactive, practical, hands on workshop, with 80% of the content delivered in practical form.



Pre-reading of VBI testing procedure provided by the APA, as there will not be time to cover this material in the one day workshop.


Registration includes manual, morning and afternoon tea.  A light lunch will  be provided, however, if you have any specific dietry requirements, you are advised to bring your own meal.  

Please send the following details to:

Body Control Systems Australian Pty Ltd


Contact: Joanne 0413 582 956 or Peter 0412 746 104

Date of Attendance:  December 17th 2016 – Brisbane; or February 25th 2017 – Albury.

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Registration will be on a first paid basis.  Invoices will be issued on receipt of registration details.  Payment will be via EFT.


Outline of the workshop:

Arrival 0830 for 0845 start
Welcome and Introduction 0845 – 0900
Prac: Important elements of Posture; “Reading” what muscle form and development can tell us about cervical pain syndromes.  “Hearing” what the problem is. 0900-0930
Theory: Review of Csp Biomechanics and Coupled MovementsPrac: Surface Anatomy and Palpation of the important Cervical Spine Landmarks. 0930-1015
Theory: Upper Cervical Spine Dysfunction, e.g. Cervicogenic Headache, Whiplash and approaches to Management 1015-1045
Morning Tea – Provided 1045-1100
Prac:Palpation and Treatment Techniques for Csp.  “Making the pattern fit” Treatment Techniques: Useful Treatment Approaches – Refining our Manual Therapy Techniques. 1100- 1300
Lunch – Not provided 1300-1400
Prac: Manual Therapy Techniques for lower Csp and Upper Tsp.  Management of Muscle Dysfunction in Csp and Post Operative Management of Cervical Spine and Protocols 1400-1630
Afternoon Team – Provided